STEADI Toolkit

STEADI Toolkit

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Older Adult Falls: A Growing Danger

This fact sheet highlights information about how falls threaten older adults’ health, independence & quality of life. 

Stay Independent: Prevent Falls

Information for older adults about how to take action and prevent falls. 

Check for Safety Brochure

What You Can Do to Prevent Falls Brochure

Offers a checklist providers and patients can use to check for risk of falling. 

Resources for Providers

Click here to view the resources available for providers.

National Council on Aging

Six Steps to Prevent a Fall

Take control of your health: Six steps to prevent a fall

Debunking the Myths about Older Adults and Falls

Falls Prevention Programs: Saving Lives, Saving Money

Information on the impact of falls among older adults and the benefits and return on investment of evidence-based falls prevention programs. 

Six Steps to Prevent a Fall

Produced by the National Council on Aging, here is a short video about the six steps to prevent a fall.

Evidence-based Programs

Explore the evidence-based programs on this page that have been proven to help older adults reduce their risk of falling. 

National Council for Aging Care

Fact Sheet: Falls

The biggest threat to senior health and safety.